In-Room Connectivity Check

1. Launch the web browser (Google tile) and browse to any website to check whether there is an internet connection.

2. If there is no internet, check the Gear Wheel icon at the bottom of the screen; if the icon is blue, the Viggo box is not connected to internet. Follow the steps shown in the images below to connect to the proper SSID in Technician Settings to get an IP Address.

Click Technician Settings Login.

Enter the technician code - this is the first 4 characters of your hotel API Key which you can find in your hotel settings page.

Select Viggo Settings.

Check that you have green connectivity information in the Wi-Fi or Ethernet line depending on your setup. If not click the corresponding Connect button and follow on screen instructions to restore internet connectivity.

2. If the Gear Wheel is white, the Viggo Box is connected to the internet. Launch the browser and verify that you have internet access. If the connection is active, the issue is resolved.

3. If the internet still does not work, reboot the Viggo Box and retest.

If internet is still not working, proceed to check the WiFi signal next to the Viggo box antenna.

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