Remote Control Cloning for MK4

“Cloning” copies IR commands from one remote to another.

Follow the steps below to clone IR functions from a working remote control (Master) to a new or partially trained remote control (Trainee).

IR trained buttons include Power, SmartTV, TV, CH+, CH-, VOL+, VOL-, Mute, Back, Numeric Keypad, Backspace, Prec, Subtl, Guide, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and 0-9.

Remote control cloning procedure is as follows:

  1. Place Master and Trainee remote next to each other.
  2. Press and hold the TV button on the Trainee remote for 10 seconds, until the remote LED starts blinking. The Trainee remote is now in IR training mode.
  3. Press and hold the OK and TV buttons together on the Master remote for 5 seconds, until the remote LED starts blinking. The Master remote is now in transmitting mode.
  4. When cloning process is complete, Trainee and Master remote LED will stop blinking.

After cloning, test all IR-assigned keys for proper operation. If selected keys do not work as expected, try cloning the remote again, or IR train selectively as by following the steps in Training Process for MK4.


To clone MK1, MK2, or MK3 model remotes, follow the Remote Control Cloning for MK1, MK2, MK3 Process.

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