Remote Control Type Check

Identify what type of remote control you have

1. MK1: May have a black and white power button, or red power button.

To check the battery level of MK1 remotes, follow these steps.

2. MK2: Red power button.

To differentiate between the MK1 remote with a red power button and the MK2 remote, check whether it supports TV/DVB modes. Press and hold the OK/Select and Info buttons for 10 seconds—if TV or SMART TV light up on the remote, it is an MK2 type.

To check the battery level of MK2 remotes, follow these steps.

3. MK3: Red power button with a number pad.

To check the battery level of MK3 remotes, follow these steps.


4. MK4: Red power button in upper left.

To check the battery level of MK4 remotes, follow these steps.



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