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Play Personal Media on the In-Room TV


Viggo Media Sharing connects personal mobile devices to the TV via a dedicated WiFi network. When selecting Media Share on Viggo, the interface will automatically provide an SSID and password for the user. If the Viggo box is connected to WiFi, it will temporarily disconnect from cloud services while Media Sharing is in use. When the user exists the application, the ad-hoc WiFi connection closes, and regular Viggo box connectivity is restored.

Media Share requires the following

1. Phone/tablet with Android 4 or iOS 7 or above.

2. Viggo box version or above. If needed, a version update for hotel boxes can be coordinated with Viggo support.

3. Latest Viggo mobile application version, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Supported file formats

The following file formats are supported by the Media Share function for non-DRM content only:

1. Video - mp4

2. Audio - mp3

#. Pictures - png, jpg, 

Using Media Share

1. Launch the Viggo Smart Stay application.

2. Select Connect With Us and then select TV Media Share.

3. If you haven't entered you stay information yet, you will be asked to enter your room number; enter the room number and click Go.

4. The Viggo Smart Stay application will display a note referring you to follow the on TV screen instructions before continuing.

5. Connect your mobile device to the WiFi Network the credential of which you can see on your TV screen.

6. Once connected, return to Viggo Smart Stay app and click OK on Media Share popup. A success confirmation message will appear on mobile device - confirm it, as well as momentarily on TV screen.

7. Browse you media in the Viggo Smart Stay gallery, opened items will show up on TV screen.


8. The media played on the mobile device will be displayed on the TV.


9. To stop media sharing, back out of the Media Share Gallery to the main screen in the Viggo Mobile app. The ad-hoc WiFi connection to the Viggo box will automatically close.

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