Training Process for MK1, MK2, and MK3 Remote Controls

“Training” is the process of creating a master remote, using the TV’s original remote or a Logitech remote.



The Viggo remote can be trained to learn TV and 3rd party relevant IR commands.

IR trained buttons include Power, Viggo (or SmartTV), TV, CH+, CH-, VOL+, VOL-, and Mute. The Info and Menu buttons are also IR-supported on MK2 and MK3 remotes.

Note: We recommend performing IR training on-site. If performing IR training off-site, be sure to remove at least one battery from the remote before repackaging and shipping, to ensure future battery life.

Remote IR Training Process

  1. Place the Master (training) and Trainee remotes face to face, about 5cm apart.
  2. Press and hold the VOL+ and CH+ buttons on the Trainee remote for 10 seconds until the TV button lights up red. The Trainee remote is now in IR training mode.
  3. Briefly press the button you would like to IR train on the Trainee remote. The TV and Viggo/SmartTV buttons should both light up red, indicating the remote is ready to receive an IR command.
  4. Press the corresponding button continuously on the Master remote, until the Viggo/SmartTV button light turns off, and the TV button on the remote blinks slowly twice. If TV blinks quickly three times, training has failed – repeat the last command training.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all remaining buttons.
  6. Press the Scroll Up button to exit IR learning mode.

 IR Training Considerations:

  1. TV button should be trained to discretely switch the TV source to TV/DTV mode.
  2. Viggo/Smart TV button should be trained to discretely switch the TV source to the desired HDMI input.



To train MK4 model remotes, follow the Training Process for MK4.

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