Building a New Media Package

Viggo's interface contains hotel content, information, applications, and more. The interface is customized and unique to each hotel. The hotel can create several types of content packages targeted at special guests, events, seasons, or holidays. To create the guest interface, the hotel builds a "Media Package" using the Viggo CMS. This section contains guidelines and tips for creating a customized interface.

We recommend following all steps below to achieve a customized interface with the best fit for the hotel, including the most appropriate content and applications.

 1. General Setting

This section includes general definitions for the hotel. These details remain the same for all Media Packages.

  • Hotel name
  • Hotel address
  • Local weather (by city)
  • Local time zone (by city)
  • Local currency
  • Languages to include in the Viggo interface. The first language listed will be the main/default.
  • Help & Info: Program what will be shown when a guest clicks Help/Info. Viggo has a default help screen, so the hotel does not need to customize a help section.

2. Theme Setting

This section includes definitions for the interface theme. The main theme is based on the hotel brand and colors, and you can select several additional themes and define them as needed.

  • Brand Colors:
  1. List all hotel brand colors
  2. Include color name and code for all colors


  • Hotel Logo: Upload two versions of the hotel logo as PNG image files (maximum dimensions: 60x180 pixels), in the colors below.
  1. Brand colors
  2. White
  •  Background Image: Upload at least one high resolution PNG image file (maximum dimensions: 1280x590 pixels). 

3. Hotel News

Hotel News are digital announcements that are published to all Viggo boxes and connected smart devices, and always run on the Viggo TV home screen and the Viggo Mobile application. Changing this content is very simple, and can be done from anywhere at any time using the Viggo dashboard.

  • Ask the hotel to write 2-3 news items for guests, in all languages supported by Viggo at the hotel.

4. Hotel Messages

Hotel Messages enable double-sided direct communication between individual guest rooms and the front desk. Front desk staff sends messages through the PMS (if integrated with Viggo) or directly via the Viggo CMS. Guests can write their own messages, or select predefined “Quick Talk” messages, available in all languages supported by Viggo at the hotel. Messaging is also available in Viggo Mobile, with the same list of Quick Talks that are displayed in the TV interface.

The hotel must selec one of the following messaging options:

  1. One-Way messaging: Only the front desk can send the messages, to guest rooms.
  2. Two-Way messaging: Both the front desk staff and guests can send messages back and forth.

Depending on the selected option, as the hotel to write Quick Talk messages in all languages supported by Viggo at the hotel.

5. Application List

Viggo supports many applications, and the hotel can to choose which ones it would like to use. Applications are selected through the Viggo Market store, where a wide selection is available. The Viggo Market is constantly updating, so we recommend returning to see what is available even after the hotel media package has been created.

  • Ask the hotel to select applications from the Viggo Market. If the hotel would like to use an application that is not available in Viggo Market, please let Viggo know and we will process and add it.

6. Media Package

When creating a custom media package for the hotel, first define the main content categories to be included, and then populate with content as detailed below.

a. Main Sections: We recommend selecting 8 main categories. Work with the hotel to select categories and define their order.

Required: Hotel, Local, Web, Games

Suggested: Television, Movies, News, Transportation, Theater, Flight, Room Service, Spa, Events

b. Hotel Subsections: Enter 3 to 8 sub-categories to highlight hotel features or services.

Suggestions: Spa, Gym, Wake Up call, Health, Policy, Minibar, Room Service, Pool, Dine-in, Business, Check Out, View Bill, Storage

Enter hotel amenity information

  • Brand’s members club – description with video or image
  • Hotel video

 c. Local Subsections: Enter 3 to 8 sub-categories to highlight local attractions or give guests useful tools for their stay.

Suggestions: Dining, Shopping, Weather, Flight, Attractions, Map, Music, Transportation, Sightseeing

d. Guidelines and Requirements for Content

1. Images: Must be high resolution and related to the content category they present.

Image sizes:

  • Small Tile (1x1): 174 x 110 px
  • Tall Tile (1x2): 174 x 250 px
  • Medium Tile (2x2): 376 x 250 px
  • Large Tile (4x4): 780 x 522 px

The hotel can send high resolution images, which the Viggo Design Studio will edit to fit for the Viggo interface. If high resolution images are uploaded directly to the Viggo CMS, they will be scaled down automatically.

2. Icons: Icon image files must be PNG files, maximum 60x60 pixels.

3. Texts:

Section Title: 

  • Small Tile: 1 row, maximum 15 tabs
  • Tall Tile: 1 row, maximum 10 tabs
  • Medium: Tile: 1 row, maximum 35 tabs
  • Large Tile: 1 row, maximum 35 tabs

Open Article: Maximum 320 Tabs for one image

4. Links: Obtain URL for all items included in the media package.

Suggestions: OpenTable, “Learn More”, “Buy Tickets”

7. Viggo Market

  1. Help – Help Remote
  2. Viggo Mobile On TV
  3. View Bill


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