Checking Remote Control Batteries

To check remote control batteries, follow the steps below according to the remote control model

Remote models  MK1, MK2, and MK3:

  • Press any button on the remote.
  • TV/SmartTV button flashes briefly once: batteries are OK, no need to replace.
  • TV/SmartTV button flashes slowly twice: replace all batteries.
  • TV/SmartTV button does not light up at all: replace all batteries.

Note: This remote design has two battery compartments. The compartments covers are not interchangeable.

Remote model MK4:

  • Make sure the Viggo interface is visible on the TV screen.
  • Press OK/Select to activate the remote control cursor.
  • If batteries are weak but still functional, a "Low Battery Warning" will be shown on screen. Replace all batteries.

  • If no “Low Battery Warning” is displayed and the remote LED lights up on the remote, the batteries are OK.
  • If the remote LED does not light up when pressing any remote button, replace all batteries.

Note: When closing the battery compartments, please make sure that the two side tabs are properly locked in place.

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