Registering a New Viggo Box

1. When an unregistered Viggo box boots, you may see the screen below for a few seconds before the box automatically redirects to the Viggo Settings page for initial step. If it does not automatically advance, click the green Setup button

2. Click Connect on the WiFi or Ethernet line, depending on the desired connection method.

2.1. If connecting through WiFi, complete the SSID connection on screen. You can add a hidden SSID to the list if the desired network is not visible. When connected, click Back to return to Settings page.

2.2. For Ethernet connection

If displayed (depending on version) acknowledge first the tip


click Save (or Connect, depending on Viggo software version) and wait for the status to indicate “Connected” and parameters fields to populate. When connected, click Back to return to Settings page.

Or on newer firmware versions, select Ethernet.

Then click Ehternet configuration

Make sure the IP address field is populated and click Save

Finally, click Back on remote control to return to Viggo Settings page and confirm Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity details in green. If green connectivity info is missing repeat connection procedure.

3. You will now be asked to register the Viggo box to Viggo service.

4. Complete the registration screen with hotel credentials. Full credentials are required for first box registration, and these credentials will be saved on a USB key to streamline bulk installations of subsequent boxes. "Registration Key" is the hotel API key. Screen may vary depending on firmware version.

5. If installing with a USB key, Viggo will ask whether to import settings and content from the USB once is inserted. Click OK to copy pre-installed content to the Viggo box.

5.1. Select the content you would like to copy onto the Viggo box (usually "content and settings only").

5.2 Copying content and settings may take up to five minutes, depending on content size.

5.3 When content copying is complete you will be asked to complete registration by entering the Room Number and TV Number.

6. If credentials are correct Viggo will show the following message. Click OK to begin the registration process.

7. The following screen will load after a few minutes, showing the update progress.

8. Do not disconnect the Viggo box until the registration process is complete, and the hotel interface has loaded with the correct room number listed at the top of the screen.

 9. While the registration process is ongoing, you can program the IR functions of the Viggo remote.

10. Once registration is finished, test correct remote programming and system functionality. If everything is working properly, the in-room box installation is complete.


Technician USB Key Creation:

After installing the first Viggo box at the hotel, follow the steps below to create a technician USB key to automate installation of other boxes.

1. Click the Gear Wheel icon on the bottom right of the screen, and enter the 4-digit code to access Viggo Settings.

2. Insert a USB key into the Viggo box and select Export Content. When all content has loaded, the USB Technician Key can be used for automated installations.

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