Viggo Mobile Application

Viggo Mobile - Your Hotel in Your Guest’s Pocket

Hotel News: Notifies guests of what’s happening at the hotel even before check-in.

Chat: Lets guests communicate with the front desk, instantly.

Explore: Discover what’s going on in and around the hotel.

My Bill: View hotel bill, approve, and check-out.

Media Share: View mobile content on the in-room TV screen. Supports non-DRM videos, pictures and music.


To successfully install Viggo Mobile, follow these steps:
  1. Correctly define News, Messages, and Quick Talk in the Viggo Content Management System (CMS).
  2. Choose which articles you want to show on the hotel’s Viggo Mobile, and mark them as "Mobile".
  3. Add the “Viggo Mobile On TV” tile to your Viggo Media Package from the Viggo Market (Home section). Select the tile and save.
  4. Download Viggo Mobile from the Google Play or iOS App Store. The Viggo app is free to download.



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