Check In with Viggo/PMS Integration

When Viggo is integrated with the hotel PMS, check-in is performed by front desk staff on the hotel PMS interface.

Incoming guest information is sent from the hotel PMS to the Viggo cloud, and from the cloud to the Viggo box in the room.

In case of PMS issues at the hotel, confirm that the Viggo box is online and has a green PMS status in the Viggo backend IT page.

  • The Viggo cloud will be updated with guest information – guest name and charge permissions should be listed on the Room page. If there is information in the Viggo cloud that is not published on the in-room box, you can perform “Update Guest Name” on the IT page to refresh guest information on the box.

If the Viggo box is offline: proceed to Reconnecting Viggo Box.

  • If the Viggo cloud still does not update the room to Vacant status, escalate to Tier 2 support.
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