Training Remote TV and SmartTV Buttons for Direct Source Selection

For the best user experience, the TV and SmartTV buttons should be configured with IR commands that switch the TV to the correct source with a single click.

When pressing TV or SmartTV on the remote, the TV will go directly to selected source and will not display the Input Source Selection Menu.

This process requires a Logitech Harmony Universal remote control, programmed for the particular TV model for which support is needed. Pre-programming should be completed before beginning this process. The Harmony database contains "discrete" commands such as InputTV for the TV button, or InputHDMIx (sometimes called InputVideox or InputExt in other versions) for the SmartTV button, that can be assigned to the Harmony buttons and used to train the master Viggo remote control.

Refer to Logitech documentation to learn about using the Harmony Universal remote control.

Often the exact model you are trying to support will not be found in the Harmony, but in most cases finding a similar model will work just as well.

Please note that some TV models do not support direct (discrete) input commands, and will not provide the best user experience. Generally, high-end models such as Samsung, LG, Philips, and Panasonic support this feature, while Thomson, TCL, Lenco, Vestel, and similar others may not support it at all (or on selected models only).


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