On the WiFi line, click on Connect with the cursor of the remote.

Complete the SSID connection on screen. You can add a hidden SSID to the list if the desired network is not visible. When connected, press Back on your remote to return to the Settings page.

You will then be brought back to the main Settings page with a pop up saying: "This box is not registered to the Viggo service. Please register it." Press "OK". If the pop-up doesn't show, go to Account Details and press on "Edit" button.

On the screen appearing, enter the Registration Key (API key) of the hotel you've been provided.

  1. b) Fill Room Number section.
  2. c) TV set - if you have one box in the room, so leave It on TV set 1.

If you have more than one box in the room, you will set up.

for the first box - TV set 1, for the second box - TV set 2 and so on …

Press "Register" button and wait for the Viggo box to finish the update. It can take up to a few minutes.





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