If the box is frozen and the rebooting doesn’t work, you will need to reset the default factory

settings of the box.

A. Disconnect the box from the electricity. Press on the Reset button on the box and hold it.

Connect the power supply to the box (keep holding the Reset button for 10 seconds and then release it). Wait for 15 seconds until you will the screen

appearing. Follow to step 5B.


 B. On the screen appearing, go down and select "Wipe cache partition" and press "OK" on the remote. Wait until the progress will end. It will then bring you back to the main menu.

C. On the screen appearing, go down and select "Wipe cache/ factory reset" ==> Choose "yes" and wait for the progress to end. After this is done, you will see again the main screen.  Press reboot system now.  The box will reboot and bring your registration screen.






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