When the battery level is low, a "Low Battery Warning" message will appear on screen. Follow the steps below to determine whether to replace remote batteries:

7 -  A. Press OK/Select to activate the remote-control cursor.

If no “Low Battery Warning” is displayed and the remote LED lights up on the remote, the

batteries are OK.

If the remote LED does not light up when pressing any remote button or Low Battery Warning appears on screen, replace all batteries.

After replacing the batteries, press SmartTV and confirm that the cursor is activated.

7 - B. Check inside the remote battery cover- some hotels have labels to indicate the correct room for each remote.

7 - C. Return the remote to its assigned room if needed.

7 - D. After returning the remote to its assigned room, press SmartTV and confirm that the cursor is activated.


If the remote still does not function, proceed to check remote dongle:

 7 - E. Make sure the dongle is connected and properly inserted in the USB port. If there is no dongle, the remote must be replaced.

7 - F. Check that the Viggo remote is working. Press SmartTV to activate the cursor and move around the Viggo interface

7 - G. If the cursor does not activate, the remote needs to be re-paired to the dongle as per the procedure below.


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